The title of this post might sound ambiguous, but I obviously did it on purpose!

“We are growing” can mean a lot of things, but I’ve chosen the following synonyms to explain you what’s new:

  • TO PUT ON WEIGHT: as the gyms are closed due to lockdown, we are facing a problem in staying fit… being a food blogger can sometimes be a sacrifice!
  • TO DEEPEN OUR SKILLS: we are trying to do our best to become more and more skilled, so to provide you with a better culinary experience. We are also investing in new technologies to produce better and better video recipes for our YouTube channel.
  • TO DEVELOP/TO EXPAND: and this is the real message behind this post! This is a kick-off! We’ve just opened our new Pinterest account, so that you can follow us there too and be updated on our recipe releases! A new platform means more time to be spent in this project, but we think that sharing and handing down traditions is always worth it.

Of all the synonyms I’ve listed, there’s just one we won’t pursue… the first one!

Keep following us, we won’t disappoint you!