Same place, same time


I know I’ve already bothered you enough with all my Christmas cooking (from spongata to anolini and tortelli), but I really want to make sure you can perceive how much traditions can affect our daily routine. And when I refer to “our” I mean all the Italian families.

I’ve also already told you a lot about my feelings towards Christmas in general, but it seems never enough to me. I know Christmas should just be a religious thing, but to me it’s more a family one. Eating all together is my final goal and the more I grow up, the more things are becoming complicated. Well, maybe it’s not so far from religion if everything takes place around the idea of “love”.

When I was a child, I never had to choose. It was easier: same place, same time, year after year. Now my Christmas habits have changed: there is my beloved old family (unfortunately reduced in size) and a brand new one which deserves the same affection. If only I could be in 2 different places at the same time!

Anyway, another Christmas has just come and gone away and I’m completely fulfilled! Food was excellent but my companions were even better and even if I missed some people, I have to admit Christmas magic is always the best cure. I miss my grandparents and their lovely house, I miss those Christmases when no one was missing. They were all the same, but they were my certainty. All those Christmases are still alive in my heart.

Now I know future Christmases will be different ones, but I also know they won’t be worse as they will all break through my heart.

And don’t forget that today I have a different role: I’m the one who cooks pasta, which is quite an honour in Italy!