• 30 mins (plus 4 hours rest)

  • Medium difficulty

  • 4 serves



500g FRESH CREAM (=17,64oz=2 ⅛ cups)

150g PERSIMMON sieved flesh (=5,29oz = about 1 big ripe persimmon)

70g SUGAR (=2,47oz=⅓ cup)

8g GELATINE LEAVES (=4 leaves) 

2 tsp RUM (=6g=0,21oz)


Soak the gelatine leaves in cold water for minimum 10 minutes. 

I usually prepare panna cotta using my Kenwood Cooking Chef but you can decide to proceed with a small pot on the stove (same temperature and timings, the difference is just in the fact that you have to stir and measure temperature).

Pour sugar and cream in the bowl (or in the pot). Proceed with flexible beater at maximum temperature (140°C=284°F) and stir speed 1 (or over high heat on the smallest burner while stirring). As soon as it starts boiling (about 5 minutes), bring back the temperature to 0° (turn the fire off). Let it cool down until it reaches 30°C/86°F.

Wash and dry 1 ripe persimmon, then take away the calyx (the fruit leaves). Cut the fruit in halves and dig out the flesh, then strain through a sieve.

Mix 100g (=3,53oz) of the persimmon juice with the liquor, then add to the mixture.

Store the remaining 50g (=1,76oz) sieved persimmon in the fridge.

Squeeze the gelatine leaves and let them melt in a small pot at low fire (do not exceed 30°C/86°F). Add to the mixture and whisk. 

Pour the mixture in 4 greased little moulds or in jars (it depends if you want to serve the jars or the more traditional dish with the turned upside-down panna cotta; jars do not need to be greased; if you are using a mould, I suggest you to grease it with a cooking spray). Let the mould/jars cool down before storing them in the fridge. Let everything set in the fridge for minimum 4 hours (one entire night would be even better).

Finish your persimmon panna cotta pouring the remaining persimmon sauce as a topping.

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