• 55 mins (plus cooling time)

  • Easy

  • 3-4 serves



500g WHOLE MILK (=17,64oz=2 cups)

250ml FRESH CREAM (=8,82oz=1 cup)

100g SUGAR (=3,53oz=½ cup)

100g PGI GIFFONI HAZELNUTS toasted and without shell (=3,53oz=⅔ cup)



Bring milk and cream to boil, then let the mixture cool down.

In the meantime, prepare a hazelnut paste toasting the hazelnuts in a non-stick pan at low heat until you can smell their scent. Let them cool down and then blend them at low speed and in a pulse mode until you will get to a creamy result. 

Beat yolks and sugar in a bowl. Once cooled down, pour the milky liquid on the egg and sugar mixture and keep mixing. 

Put the mixture back on the stove at low flame. Add the hazelnut paste and keep stirring until the mixture will stick to the back of the spoon. Let everything cool down. Put the mixture in the fridge for minimum two hours. You can decide if to blend or filter (or neither of the two).

Pour the mixture in the ice cream maker. I use the Kenwood Ice Cream tool: make sure to start making the ice-cream as soon as you take the bowl out of the fridge. Minimum speed for about 30 minutes. If you are using another ice cream maker, tailor quantities according to its capacity and adjust timings.

Eat the hazelnut ice-cream as soon as it is ready!

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