• 50 mins (plus 4 hours rest)

  • Medium difficulty

  • 10 serves


Ingredients for the base:

300g ORO SAIWA or DIGESTIVE BISCUITS (=10,58oz=2 ½ cups)

150g BUTTER unsalted (=5,29oz=⅔ cup)

25g HONEY (=0,88oz=⅛ cup)

Ingredients for the filling:

200g WHITE CHOCOLATE (=7,05oz=6 ¾ squares)

250g MASCARPONE (=8,82oz=1 cup)

250ml FRESH CREAM (=8,82oz=1 cup)

100g SUGAR (=3,53oz=½ cup) 

100g COCONUT FLOUR (=3,53oz=¾ cup)

30g ALMONDS (=1,06oz=¼ cup)

30g HAZELNUTS (=1,06oz=¼ cup)

10g GELATINE LEAVES (= 5 leaves) 

Ingredients for the topping:

150ml FRESH CREAM (=5,29oz=1 cup)

15g SUGAR (=0,53oz=⅛ cup) 

15g COCONUT FLOUR (=0,53oz=⅛ cup) + some for the final touch

6g GELATINE LEAVES (= 3 leaves)

HAZELNUTS to taste


Crumble the biscuits and melt the butter. Combine biscuits powder with sugar and then add melted butter. Mix.

Pour the mixture into a 26cm diameter springform pan after having greased its sides with a cooking spray and laid a piece of baking paper on the bottom (fixing it between the two pan components).

Compress the base with a meat tenderizer so as to get to a compact and homogeneous bottom. Let it rest in the fridge for minimum half an hour. 

In the meantime, soak the gelatine leaves in cold water for minimum 10 minutes, melt the chocolate bain-marie and let it cool down, then grind almonds and hazelnuts. 

Prepare the filling by mixing sugar and mascarpone. Add melted chocolate and mix. Add coconut flour. Add grinded almonds and hazelnuts.

Squeeze the gelatine leaves and let them melt in a small pot at low fire (do not exceed 30°C/86°F). Let it cool down for a few minutes.

Add the gelatin to the filling and mix.

Whip the cream and incorporate it to the mixture making sure to blend gently from bottom to top in order to avoid the collapsing of the cream.

Pour the mixture on the biscuits base and flatten with a spatula. Let it set in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

After this period of time, you can decide if to keep the cheesecake as it is, leaving it in the fridge for 2 more hours, or if to top it.

If you opt for the topped version, soak the gelatine leaves in cold water for 10 minutes.

In the meantime, mix cream, sugar and coconut flour in a small pot and warm everything up, making sure not to exceed 30°C/86°F. Add the gelatine and mix until it melts completely. Let it rest a few minutes until it cools down, then pour on the cake (still in the springform).

Decorate your coconut & white chocolate cheesecake with hazelnuts and sprinkle with coconut flour while the topping is still liquid. Let everything set in the fridge for another 2 hours.

Free the cake from the mould and enjoy!

This is not one of my favourite desserts, but I’ve published the recipe anyway as some of my friends asked it to me! Let me know if you like it!