Caramelised Tropea Red Onions
  • 35 mins

  • Easy

  • 2-3 serves



2 TROPEA RED ONIONS (about 250g=8,82oz)

25g CORN SEED OIL (=0,88oz=2 ⅔ tsp=1/10 of the onion weight)

20g CANE SUGAR (=0,71oz=6 ⅔ tsp)

12g BALSAMIC VINEGAR (=0,42oz=¾ tbsp)

40g WATER (=1,41oz)

2 pinches of TABLE SALT


Peel the onions, then cut them lenghtwise (from root to tip) in slices of about 5mm thickness. Separe the onion layers and cut into strips if necessary.

Put all the ingredients in a pan in the following order: corn seed oil, onion, only 5g (=0,18oz=1 ⅔ tsp) cane sugar, salt, balsamic vinegar and water, making sure to keep 15g (=0,53oz=5 tsp) cane sugar apart.

Cook at medium heat for about 25 minutes (until all the water has evaporated and onions look translucent). Keep stirring. If necessary, lower the flame (it depends from pan to pan).

Turn off the heat and add the remaining cane sugar. Stir and your caramelised Tropea red onions will be ready!

Enjoy caramelised Tropea red onions as a side for your meat-based main, as the final touch for you hamburger or as the best pairing for your pulled pork sandwich… in both these latter cases, don’t forget to prepare also some BBQ sauce!