Caprese Cake focus recipes
  • 1 hour

  • Medium difficulty

  • 8 serves



175g BITTER CHOCOLATE BAR 70% (=6,17oz=6 squares)
175g BUTTER unsalted (=6,17oz=¾ cup)
175g POWDERED SUGAR (=6,17oz=¾ cup)
75g peeled ALMONDS (=2,65oz=¾ cup)
60g POTATO STARCH (=2,12oz=½ cup)
30g BITTER COCOA POWDER (=1,06oz=3 tsp)


Chop dark chocolate in small pieces and let them melt bain-marie. Then let everything cool down.

In the meantime, grind peeled almonds finely (into very small pieces, but not powder) with a food processor.

Beat the room-temperature butter with 135g powdered sugar, adding one egg yolk at a time and mixing to let it absorb before adding another one. To do so, break one egg and let the egg white fall in the bowl you will use to whip them all, then let the egg yolk fall in a small bowl: do not proceed with another egg until the yolk has been used and the small bowl is empty.

Add bitter cocoa powder and potato starch, then mix. Add grinded almonds and mix. Add the melted chocolate and mix again.

Whip the egg whites with 40g powdered sugar  and then add them little by little, mixing gently from bottom to top.

Grease (I personally use a cooking spray on the sides and I cut a round piece of baking paper for the bottom, but if you decide to proceed in the traditional way with butter and flour, please make sure to substitute flour with bitter chocolate powder or the cake will have a white halo all around!) a 26 cm diameter aluminium tray and pour the mixture.

Flatten with a spatula before baking at 170°C (338°F) for 30 minutes (the oven needs to be a conventional one as fan-assisted would dry the cake too much).

Once cooled down, turn your caprese cake on a serving plate and dust with powdered sugar.