• 10 mins

  • Easy



250g TABLE SALT (=8,82oz=¾ cup)

250g BROWN SUGAR (=8,82oz=1 ¾ cup)

100g MILD CHILI POWDER (=3,53oz=13 ⅓ tbsp) or 35g HOT CHILI POWDER (=1,23oz=4 ⅔ tbsp)

80g SWEET PAPRIKA (=2,82oz=11 tbsp)

20g BLACK PEPPER POWDER (=0,71oz=3 tbsp)


Prepare the rub by mixing all the ingredients, then place the mixture into jars.

We usually prepare 3 or 4 small jars at a time so as to have our rub ready whenever we need it (we usually use it both for BBQ ribs and for pulled pork). Don’t worry, its shelf life is a long-lasting one. In any case, you can decide to prepare just the amount you need each time: in this latter case you will find the right amounts in each recipe.

The only thing you need to know before preparing such a big amount is how hot your chili powder is and how hot you want your BBQ rub to be!

BBQ rub is the secret ingredient behind any BBQ success: don’t buy it, do it yourself!