Handing down family recipes


Today I went to school.

My grandmother-in-law taught me how to make chestnut fresh pasta, a typical dish from Corniglio. She used to cook a lot in the past, but today she keeps saying she can’t cook anymore. Well, I can confirm she still can.

It’s been deeply touching seeing her hands working as in the past and today I bring back home not only a new recipe, rather a lovely family memory. Thank you nonna Ida!

Handing down family recipes means keeping memories alive. Preparing a dish of the past means going back to those days and those feelings. Never forget to ask your relatives to pass you your family recipes or you will lose a precious occasion: a family treasure that needs to be carefully kept in order to give memories a chance to stay alive.

To me learning from grannies is more exciting than attending any cooking school. You do not only learn how to make something, you learn a lot more. Chefs can provide you with their expertise and skills on a professional level, while a granny can teach you a lot as well but in a more personal and emotional way. The time spent with a granny in the kitchen is not only time spent to learn to cook, rather it is time spent to learn how to take care of your beloved ones.

Don’t miss this opportunity: spreading recipes is the best way to keep traditions alive for future generations.

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Starring Ida Dallacasa, born in 1933